D&AD Adobe contest. 

We were asked to create a series of three posters that share our hard wisdom and life experiences. My posters were a celebration of all the bad advice that we have been given. Rather than sharing my wisdom, I want to encourage people to be honest with themselves and not to lose their authenticity, our most valuable asset.  Society’s continuous attempt to limit us, sometimes with bad advice and sometimes with false expectations of reality. That is exactly why I believe that we need to raise above the ordinary standards that were imposed on us in order to reach our best version and being able to make our own decisions. The most daring life ordeal is to be you in a world that is trying to make you exactly like the rest. Embrace you're inner you by accepting your imperfections & be happy with yourself just the way you are! 

Condemned Creativity:​​​​​​​

When as a kid you were told to ignore your creativity & not to think on your own.
So you grew up ignoring that talent because nobody else thought that might be worth it.

In a world that everyone wears a mask, it is a privilege to see a soul. 
We tell the boys not to cry because crying is for girls and we keep on telling the girls not fight for their equality and rights and be conformist instead.
Misleading Standard:

The life models that the media is trying to impose us in the advertisement, in social media an on the TV. Telling us how to live our lives and how things are 'meant' to be selling an image that is far away from reality.
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The National Archives; Harris & Ewing; Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images; Womens March Kisha Bari; Thing of the past via AP Photo.

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