This project is part of my proposal for the Creative Conscience design competition. Design Change Makers it is a brief launched in 2017 where the challenge was to explore a problematic subject in society and come up with creative solutions for it. I realised an awareness campaign that was called `Today & Tomorrow´ and it was focused in Drug Addiction. A big issue among young people, it the first cause of death, killing more in a year than were ever killed annually by HIV, gun violence or car crashes.

When I first started my research I was looking in conventional websites to know more about the topic and most of them were either not accurate, nor realistic or very academic (scientific effects of drugs in the body). Unfortunately, after all I could not understand why the consumption of hard drugs were on rise and what makes it so addictive.

I started doing my research with an unconventional method. By videos of people who were currently going through addiction. I felt it was necessary to tell their stories and hear their testimonies, they were asked the same five questions:

-How was your life before like?
-How did everything started?
-What do you regret the most?
-If you could change something what would it be?
-Do you think drugs are something people can just do it recreationally?

Just to get the sense and understand why this drugs are so appealing, one of the questions that interested me the most was: How it feels like to consume crack or heroin? For crack most of the people interviewed described it almost like a floating outer space experience or like if you could fly. And heroin users could not compare it to anything from this world some of them said like a big warm hug and others said like if you could kiss god.

What capture me the most was the duality they were living on. Despite they did not like the life they had and they were scared most of the time, they describe this drug almost as a poetic thing. At the beginning it appears like something that is going to make you forget about your problems, that will give you the `evasion´ that you might need, like if it could give you freedom. But everything is a lie that makes your less and less free little by little, without you noticing it until its too late.

I have represented the duality between how drugs look like, make you feel like and the truth underneath (how your life will become a nightmare living with an addiction) by two publications: A conversation piece, that opens dialogue between the issue and young people, who might be involved in similar situations than the ones I am narrating. By telling the real stories I want to engage people, specially youngsters and making them understand that every decision counts.

The other piece it is a continuation of the conversation. This one tells the poetry of the drugs, how people might think drugs are or how they seem to be from the outside. In order to fully understand it you must read both of the publications at the same time. I want to recreate the shock of actually seeing how something so appealing can be so destructive to make young people think twice every time they choose to do something. The decisions you make today will definitely have an impact on your life tomorrow.

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